Is a neglected blog a good sign?

Possibly, depending on what you consider to be good.  My blog has been neglected because I’ve been spending all my working hours (and then some) working for clients. My own website comes second. In English, we often refer to this situation as ‘the cobbler’s shoes’. In case you don’t know it, the full phrase isContinue reading “Is a neglected blog a good sign?”

Direct marketing formulas sell words as well as products

Or how to get your writing read using direct marketing (DM) rules Some leading DM copywriters have been kind (or astute) enough to share their knowledge and writing formulas over the years. I’m thinking about the works of such luminaries as John Caples, Drayton Bird and Denison Hatch, for example. You could say direct marketingContinue reading “Direct marketing formulas sell words as well as products”

Writing is only part of the story

You might think a marketing copywriter spends most of the working day writing.  Actually, I find that writing accounts for less than 50% of the time spent on a job. And that’s not because I sit staring at a ‘new blank document’ in Word or suffer from writer’s block; it’s because so much more goesContinue reading “Writing is only part of the story”

Don’t you just love newsletters?

Newsletters, magazines or news updates are great marketing tools. You can use them to talk to your customers, contacts, members or employees, whether you’re promoting your brand or business, or strengthening the relationship between you and the readership. But (and this is a big but), key elements of the newsletter have to be right and,Continue reading “Don’t you just love newsletters?”

Editing English for non-native speakers (I’m really sorry, but…)

Some of the work I edit is written by people who are not native English speakers. And my heart goes out to them, it really does. Sometimes,  it seems that the piece of writing in front of me must be the result of a huge effort involving several people and numerous redrafts. I feel genuinelyContinue reading “Editing English for non-native speakers (I’m really sorry, but…)”

Breaking up text isn’t hard to do

I’m quite amazed by the amount of really dense text I see in publications. From local press to the magazines of schools and other organisations, I keep coming across page after page of virtually unbroken, impenetrable looking text with excruciatingly long paragraphs and wide columns too! It’s bad enough that professional writers produce this stuff, butContinue reading “Breaking up text isn’t hard to do”

Don’t waste money on marketing

I hate to see money being wasted on marketing. But it often happens, simply because the words aren’t right. Sometimes, it’s the lack of words that’s the problem. Or else there’s too much text in large blocks that nobody will want to read. Other problems can be confusing information or content that’s just plain boring.Continue reading “Don’t waste money on marketing”

Copywriters and clients that click

I’ve just finished writing a website for a lovely client. And I’m very pleased to say that the first draft has gone down very well. Why is it that you really click with some clients and not with others? Actually, it’s not luck or chemistry, it comes down to these common sense steps: 1) Questions,Continue reading “Copywriters and clients that click”

Writing for the web – is there such a thing?

A while ago I attended a course on ‘writing for the web’ run by a great team of copywriters at Sticky Content.  But since then, I’ve read a couple of blogs questioning whether there really is such a thing as ‘writing for the web’ since ‘the web’ consists of many different forms of communication. Obviously  there areContinue reading “Writing for the web – is there such a thing?”