Why hire a professional writer or editor?

If I had to explain what I do in 10 seconds I’d say this:

“I make companies/organisations look good so that people will want to buy into them.”

1) Image. Let’s face it, badly written content, with sloppy grammar and errors galore, doesn’t do anyone any favours. Good writing can give a professional, polished look. (I also make things look nice using desktop publishing software.)

2) Readability. People MUST understand what you’re saying. If your message is too confused, long-winded or convoluted, forget it.

3) Effectiveness. Whatever it is you need to get written, it takes a certain amount of experience (and dare I say talent without sounding big-headed) to get the results you want.

4) Google. These increasingly clever bots know spelling and grammar. Errors can affect rankings on search engine results pages.

Please contact me if you’d like me to help: debbie@deborahlamb.net

Here’s an alphabetical list of different forms of communications that I’ve produced during my career as a copywriter and journalist:

Ads, articles, blogs, brochures, ecommerce sites, emarketing mailings, features, flyers, leaflets, newsletters, news stories, press releases (including online releases) and websites

This is what I believe in:

  • A reader-centric approach
  • A plain, simple style
  • Clear, concise chunks of info
  • Bullet points and lists
  • Sub-headings
  • Logical structure

CONTACT: debbie@deborahlamb.net

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