Editing & proofreading

If you’re looking for an editor or proofreader, you probably have one or more of these objectives in mind:

  1. For written communications to be more professional.
  2. To be sure your English grammar is correct (especially if it is not your first language).
  3. A consistent voice for writing that has been produced by different authors.
  4. Use a fresh pair of eyes to catch mistakes that authors can miss having become too close to a piece (the brain tends to auto-correct).

What does editing involve?

Editing covers a wide range of services, from complete rewrites at one end of the scale to minor style or punctuation adjustments at the other.

Often, the distinction between editing and proofreading is very blurred. I work with independent proofreaders when providing editing services. This way we can make sure that we keep your original meaning and a natural flow, while also ensuring that spelling and grammar are correct.

If you have a house style, my proofreaders and I are used to adjusting to different styles. If you don’t, I can develop a style for you or agree on a style we can follow.

If English is not your native language

Some aspects of English are difficult to master. Your writing may be grammatically correct in every way, yet it may still seem odd to a native speaker. If you are writing for native English speakers, or if you’d like your writing to come across as though from a native speaker, I can make the adjustments you need.

Whether your mother tongue is Asian or European, I can help you achieve natural UK or US English, while being sensitive to your original meaning.

Contact: debbie@deborahlamb.net